Youth Employment In Tanzania

In partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and our local partner Mwanza Youth and Children Network, young reporters in Tanzania produce and broadcast radio shows that illustrate how farming can lead to individual prosperity and country-wide economic growth. In addition, they teach business and finance skills necessary to manage these small agricultural enterprises.

After broadcasting 207 radio shows focused on agriculture and financial skills in one year, the young reporters discovered the considerable impact their voices and messages had on their peers. The impact of this radio initiative was extremely positive. We gathered feedback on the impact of this campaign on the audience, through targeted listening groups to the radio show.

Approximately 90% of the listeners reported that their life had changed since they started listening to the show. Almost 85% of them reported an increase in their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and agribusiness. And, 83% of the respondents declared discussing the content of the shows with other people, mostly youth. An impressive majority reported taking up financial services, including opening bank accounts, taking out loans, or using mobile money.

Produced by the Children’s Radio Foundation and Makhulu, in partnership with Mwanza Youth and Children Network, and funded by the MasterCard Foundation.

Copyright: 2018