Youth Voices


IAS Youth Voices

An advocacy initiative in partnership with the Children’s Radio Foundation to enable young people to actively shape HIV programmes and investment priorities that respond to their specific needs.

The #IASYouthVoices multimedia campaign will highlight the stories and perspectives of youth who are speaking out about their experiences and needs in the HIV response. Join us! Follow #IASYouthVoices on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and spread the word.

Live A Full Life With HIV

Nolusindiso, 24, shares her story of surviving rape, dropping out of school, falling pregnant, and receiving a positive HIV diagnosis. Every month she walks 8km to the Nolungile clinic where she receives her HIV treatment and is supported and encouraged to live a full life.

Her story is part of an International Aids Society‬ campaign, in which young people tell their own stories and have the opportunity to talk back to the decision-makers at an International AIDS Conference in Durban.

“It’s important for young people to speak out because when you keep things inside, that is when it kills you.”